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Sony parties like it's 1999 with PocketStation app on Vita


The PocketStation was a small memory card with a monochrome LCD screen and five buttons that launched for Sony's first PlayStation console in 1999, allowing players to complete mini-games while away from their systems. Clearly feeling a little nostalgic, Sony has launched a PocketStation app for Vita in Japan. The app is free for PlayStation Plus users, and is compatible with classic PS One games that used the device in its heyday like Final Fantasy 8, Ape Escape and Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped.

The hardware manufacturer teased a return of the handheld device last week, though it was unclear whether Sony's plans involved a new physical device at all. As it stands, the PocketStation app is limited to Japanese Vita owners, and there is no indication yet that it will come stateside or launch on PS3 or PS4.

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