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Vita 3.00 update goes live, adds PS4 Link


Vita's 3.00 firmware update, which preps the handheld for the PS4's arrival later this month, is live and available to download. The update's major addition is PS4 Link, an app that adds Remote Play and Second Screen connectivity between console and handheld.

Similar to the PS3-based feature, Remote Play will let you play "most" PS4 games on your Vita via Wi-Fi. As detailed by Social Media Manager Sid Shuman, it'll work best when the PS4 is connected via ethernet, and when the Vita is in "close proximity" to the Wi-Fi access point. As for testing that out for yourself, without the console the PS4 Link app is just a dirty little tease on the Vita home screen - hold tight until November 15.

The other aspect of PS4 Link is the Second Screen feature, which sounds similar but is significantly different. Second Screen lets you access additional content on the Vita screen, maybe a map or some weapon info. It's specifically for games that support it, much like Microsoft's SmartGlass tech for the Xbox 360. Second Screen will also be available on iOS and Android devices via the upcoming PlayStation app.

The other addition to the Vita home screen is a Parental Controls app. Previously tied to Settings, Parental Controls supports feature blocking, game restrictions based on advisory ratings like PEGI in Europe, and newly added play duration restrictions.

Back on the subject of the PS4, the 3.00 update also preps the Party app for next-gen connectivity. As previously revealed by Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida, PS4 and Vita owners will be able to gabble in unison via Party Chat.

Other additions and tweaks include the redesigned Friends app, the ability to transfer content between PS3 and Vita via Wi-Fi, panoramic photo support for the Vita camera, the ability to download future system updates automatically, and a fair few others. It's almost like it's the Vita's birthday (for the record it's one month short of turning 2 in Japan), and if you want to see the full list of new presents, head over to the PlayStation Blog.

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