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Leaderboard: Are you giving WAR an in-game send-off?

Jef Reahard

Sigh. Warhammer Online. It's hard to believe the title is over five years old, but sadly it's not hard to believe that its days are numbered. The powers-that-be have opened the free-to-play floodgates for the last few weeks of the game's life, and while I haven't felt the urge to log in yet and run around for old times' sake, I may get there before the end.

What about you, Massively readers? Are you going to give WAR an in-game send-off? Let us know after the cut!

Ever wish that you could put to rest a long-standing MMO debate once and for all? Then welcome to the battle royal of Massively's Leaderboard, where two sides enter the pit o' judgment -- and only one leaves. Vote to make your opinion known, and see whether your choice tops the Leaderboard!

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