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Newest producer's letter discusses the next major Allods Online update

Eliot Lefebvre

Allods Online is the first game that launched free-to-play and then launched a subscription server. How did that go? According to the latest producer's letter, it went. Not perfectly, and it's not as popular as the option to play the game for free, but it serves different customer types. But that's just the smallest hint of the changes coming to the game, which could include a merge for the American and European regions in the future.

The game's next major update, appropriately titled Winds of Change, is currently in the works. It promises to bring new features such as an asymmetrical 6v24 PvP challenge. The small team will be tasked with infiltrating a large facility and retrieving the flag deep within, leading to a different approach than the usual clash of armies. New mounts, new class features, and more are due along with the update, which should go live in early December.

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