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Wii U Karaoke adds warning about @!#$ing swears


To prevent Tupac from posthumously teaching modern kids the Thug Life vocabulary, Nintendo will add "explicit language" warnings to Wii Karaoke U.

As its name suggests, Wii Karaoke U allows players to sing along to their favorite songs. Unlike Rock Band or Guitar Hero however, Wii Karaoke U does not alter or censor the music it features. This becomes a problem for parents the moment somebody's kid develops a taste for old NOFX albums, so in response Nintendo is adding a warning to the game's eShop page.

"Wii Karaoke U by Joysound is intended to provide users with access to a large catalogue of songs from a broad range of music labels across a variety of musical genres - designed to appeal to all music tastes," reads Nintendo's official statement on the matter. "As such Nintendo does not restrict which songs are included in the catalogue of songs featured within the Wii Karaoke U by Joysound application."

"It is however very important to us that all users of Wii Karaoke U by Joysound understand that some lyrics contained within songs may not be suitable for all audiences and as such we will immediately be implementing an additional message within the Nintendo eShop (prior to downloading the application and ticket purchase) as well as on the Wii Karaoke U by Joysound website pages."

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