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Microsoft offering Killer Instinct free on Xbox One to some longtime fans (update)


Today is apparently the day where Microsoft turns into Oprah: You get a copy of Killer Instinct on Xbox One! And you get a copy of Killer Instinct on Xbox One! And just like Oprah, Microsoft's dispersal of said free game is seemingly at random. According to the official Xbox Twitter account, the company "considered a variety of things like Gamerscore, LIVE tenure, & other factors in markets where #XboxOne is available" in deciding who would receive free copies. Codes to unlock all the characters in Killer Instinct will arrive on launch day or thereabouts following today's email blast (seen above) alerting users.

And KI isn't the only freebie MS is announcing today, as Xbox Live Gold users on Xbox One will get Xbox Music streaming for free as well (like web users). Sadly, that comes with adverts, which makes it distinctly less free and more "free." But hey, that new Eminem album is on there, so that's...something? We guess?

Update: Apparently Albert Penello spoke too soon, as he's just updated his Twitter account saying, "was wrong about Music on XboxOne: You get 15 free song plays then need Music Pass for ad-free streaming. No ad-supported streaming. Sorry!"

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