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Breakfast Topic: What's your specialty in Azeroth?


What's your World of Warcraft specialty? No, no, wait -- I didn't ask what your spec is. I asked about your specialty. What's the thing that you do most or best in Azeroth, the thing you're known for?

If recent play points to a pattern, my specialty in WoW is all about discipline. Last week found me fluffing up an older character who's only progressed a level or so since The Burning Crusade and has always been holy or discipline. I couldn't bear to change her whole character simply for leveling's sake, so I proceeded to Penance my way around Howling Fjord, where she'd last logged out. What fun! Shadow has its charms, but this was the natural fit for my lovely night elf priestess. Just look at that face up there -- is that the tortured face of a shadow fiend, or do you recognize the calm countenance of a discipline priest? (Artwork for my BlizzCon badge by @cadistra -- take a bow, Kelly!)

The shoe fits other ways, too. The officer who keeps the forums in order and tracks raid attendance? That's me -- discipline, again. Falling down on your job during a raid encounter? I'm betting some Penance may be in order.

What are you known for in World of Warcraft? Are you the motherly mediator of the guild? The class clown? The jack of all trades who can make any item from any profession for characters of any level? Are you the overconfident tank who pulls off even the craziest stunts without fail -- or are you the overconfident tank who rains spectacular death upon the raid with your well-intentioned but not quite fully informed pulls?

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