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Google updates Glass with calendar search and customized directions

Nicole Lee, @nicole

Now that anyone (well, anyone with an invitation) with a spare $1,500 can get their very own Google Glass, the folks in Mountain View have thoughtfully released a software update for the famous wearable. We're frankly surprised Glass owners weren't able to do this before, but you can now look up your calendar directly from the headset. Simply say "ok glass, google my agenda" or "ok glass, what am I doing next week?" to see what's up next on your busy schedule. Another new feature is the ability to customize a location as either "home" or "work" so you can easily ask directions for either of those places.

Interestingly, the update also removed a feature. After finding out that people were long-pressing their touchpads by mistake, the company has turned that functionality off. Instead, Google recommends tapping the touchpad three times to initiate a search. Other upgraded goodies include a new tutorial setup and a screencast shortcut. So if you're lucky enough to own one of these headsets, go on and download the update from the thing on your noggin. And while you're at it, maybe figure out a way to invite us onto that Google barge.

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