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Action puzzler Tiny Brains settles on a Nov. 26 PS4 launch date


Tiny Brains, the multiplayer puzzler from former Ubisoft developers at Spearhead Games, will come to PS4 on November 26. Tiny Brains has been on a rodent-sized roller coaster over the past few weeks: First it wasn't included in the PS4 launch lineup announced on October 30, then it was added, and then it was removed on November 6.

It's OK though – we spent some time with Tiny Brains at E3 and we're pretty sure its super-powered mouse, rabbit, gerbil and naked mole rat can handle a few extra bumps. Tiny Brains should hit PS3 and PC in early December, and it's not in development for Xbox 360, publisher 505 Games told Polygon.

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