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Dev blog outlines SWTOR's inaugural PvP season

MJ Guthrie

PvPers in Star Wars: The Old Republic who are looking forward to the first Ranked PvP season will be able to start blasting their way up the ranking ladder when Game Update 2.4.3 launches. To give players an idea of what to expect, Senior System Designer Rob Hinkle has drawn a roadmap of this inaugural season in a recent dev blog.

When Season One begins, all pre-season rankings will be reset to default for a clean slate. Throughout the season, ratings will be available via web-based leaderboards. Although there is no definite date set for the end of this first season right now, BioWare is looking at a six-month run. Then near the end of the season, exclusive rewards for various tiers of ratings will be announced. And once the season ends, there will be a break before Season Two gets rolling.

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