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EverQuest II video peeks behind the scenes of Tears of Veeshan

MJ Guthrie

You may have to wait until Tuesday to jump into EverQuest II's next expansion, but you can get a peek at the making of Tears of Veeshan in a new behind-the-scenes video now. From the food-fighting goblins, grand vistas, and intricate details of Highkeep to the Naiad-filled halls of the Shissar-built temple Stratum of the Protectors, devs highlight some of the art and animations of ToV. Also included is a brief overview of the new Channeler class by Creative Director Akil Hooper and a glimpse of of an enormous globe of Norrath. Check it all out in the video below.

[Source: SOE press release]

EQII: The Making of Tears of Veeshan

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