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Forkstarter collects all Devolver Digital sales in one snarky place


Forkstarter gets its name and mission from Devolver Digital CEO Fork Parker: "Forkstarter is an extremely for profit organization created to enrich the lives of independent game developers worldwide Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker." At least he's honest.

Forkstarter displays all of the Devolver Digital Steam sales happening right now, covering Hotline Miami, Foul Play, Shadow Warrior, Shadow Warrior Classic Redux, Dungeon Hearts, Defense Technica, Duke Nukem 3D and the Serious Sam games, each up to 85 percent off. We noted a few of these deals in yesterday's Steam Weekend Sale post, though we didn't mention Foul Play, which is a real treat.

Just a friendly reminder to get these games for cheap this weekend. Otherwise, you'll have to give Fork Parker even more money – though it seems he wouldn't mind.

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