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Killer Instinct picks up Arcade Mode after wrapping up Season One content


While the Xbox One reboot of Killer Instinct will launch with local and online multiplayer modes, players will need to wait until Microsoft launches all of its planned Season One content before they can grapple with AI-controlled opponents in a forthcoming Arcade mode.

The series' traditional Arcade mode -- which pits players against all of the game's fighters in a series of one-on-one matches -- will unlock after the full roster of eight Season One characters is released, Microsoft Studios game designer Daniel Fornace revealed in an interview with OXM this week. The game will include six characters when it premieres on November 22, and two additional characters will round out the Season One lineup post-launch.

As consolation for Arcade mode's omission, players can beat up on endless waves of CPU opponents in a score-based Survival mode when Killer Instinct hits the Xbox Live Marketplace as a free-to-play download later this month.

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