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Sony to gift early PS4 owners $10 PS Store credit, 30-day Plus and Music trials

Matt Brian, @m4tt

Microsoft may have dropped a whole lot of news on us today, but that doesn't mean Sony hasn't got a few surprises up its sleeve. With just a week until the PlayStation 4 hits stores in North America, the company has revealed a trio of surprises for PlayStation 4 buyers when they receive their units on launch day. As part of a special promotion, Sony will include $10 credit for its PlayStation Store, which can be used to against games, music or movies, a free 30-day membership to PlayStation Plus and a 30-day trial for its Music Unlimited streaming service. Sony appears to be onboarding gamers in the hope they'll enjoy its multiplayer gaming and media services enough to stump up the cash for a full subscription. The company says the offer is available for a limited period, and that its music offer will only apply to new users.

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