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Final Fantasy 6 art director, composer working on Granblue Fantasy

Continuing a welcome trend of established JRPG developers attaching themselves to new projects, Final Fantasy 6 Art Director Hideo Minaba and composer Nobuo Uematsu have taken roles in the development of Granblue Fantasy. Cygames is developing the JRPG and will eventually cast its spell on mobile devices.

According to Siliconera's report, the project began after Cygames Director Yuita Kimura expressed interest in making a game with Minaba. But if he was going to ask Minaba, Kimura felt he might as well ask Uematsu to get involved, too.

Uematsu stated that he's been asked to compose with the sound of Irish music in mind and believes that his fans "may feel a sense of nostalgia from this." Uematsu has composed 11 songs for Granblue Fantasy, while Minaba has drawn roughly 100 characters.

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