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ProCamera 7 for iPhone offers some compelling new features

Mel Martin

Among a seemingly unending supply of camera apps, is there room for another? In the case of ProCamera 7 for iPhone, the answer is yes.

This US$0.99 app has had a thorough update to make it iOS 7-friendly, and there are plenty of features onboard.

The app can take you from shooting your photo all the way to editing and sharing. Many apps do that, but the number of features and the slick execution of those features make ProCamera 7 a standout.

For taking photos and video there are anti-shake and smart triggers, a variety of aspect ratios, and a rapid fire mode that emulates a motor drive on a film camera, giving you up to 10 shots per second on an iPhone 5 series phone. There is a live histogram for viewing the photo dynamic range, and a video mode that supports up to 120 FPS on the iPhone 5S for slow motion.

I think the best feature is night mode, which gives you longer exposure times of up to one second to capture those sparkling city lights.

Gallery: ProCamera7 | 5 Photos

Processing/editing features are complete, with image adjustment and more than 50 filters to modify the look of your photos. The on-screen menus are very clear and redesigned to compliment iOS 7. Unlike so many other apps, ProCamera 7 provides a complete manual for the app in PDF format that is just a click away.

I think the only thing missing in ProCamera 7 is any kind of HDR mode, which is a shame. I think any camera app should, as a base, offer and improve upon what Apple offers in its stock app. Some camera apps like Pro HDR have excellent HDR capabilities, and there are a variety of filters, cropping, and image adjustment tools. On the other hand, Pro HDR doesn't shoot videos.

HDR is the only missing item for me. Otherwise, ProCamera 7 is a joy to use, and I think it far exceeds the iPhone built-in camera app. The feature set of ProCamera 7 meets or exceeds any other photo app out there. The developers say they are working on a high quality HDR feature, but no dates are offered.

HDR features would make the app nearly perfect. ProCamera 7 requires iOS 7 and is optimized for the iPhone 5.

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