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Narrative Clip lapel camera shows up at Expand in its final form, we go hands-on


The last time we saw the Narrative Clip lifecasting camera, it had a see-through casing allowing you to see the circuitry within. Heck, it even had a different name. As it happens, though, the company's co-founder, Oskar Kalmaru, stopped by Engadget Expand this weekend, so we got a chance to see the lapel camera in its final form. If you choose to shell out $279 to buy one, you'll see it has a metal clip and lightweight plastic housing, with black being the color of choice for everyone who pre-ordered on Kickstarter. (If you were to buy it now, you'd have a choice of gray, white and orange.)

Since our first look, however, the functionality has remained exactly the same. Which is to say, the camera automatically takes a photo every 30 seconds, but you can tap the housing to take a snap at any time. Inside, there's 8GB of internal storage; to upload your pics to Narrative Clip's cloud service, you'll need to plug the camera into your computer using the built-in micro-USB port. Once you upload your photos, you can choose to share just individual shots if you like, or what the company is calling "moments" (i.e., groups of shots). That's all she wrote -- if you want more of a refresher, check out our earlier hands-on video after the break.

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Mat Smith contributed to this report.

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