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EverQuest Next Landmark Founders Packs, alpha announced

MJ Guthrie

If you are anxious to get in and start building the home of your dreams (or treehouse or Orc-infested ruins or whatever) in EverQuest Next Landmark, you'll have that chance early next year if you purchase one of the newly announced Founders Packs.

Players who want to get in on Landmark's alpha, which will launch on or before February 28th, 2014, can get access by purchasing the Explorer Pack for $59.99 or the Trailblazer Pack for $99.99 (with Trailblazers getting a headstart). Players who can hold off their building desires can buy the Settler Pack instead for $19.99 and get access to the first wave of beta testing that commences on or before March 31st, 2014. Each pack offers various other in-game perks such as titles, tools, storage pockets, and vaults.

For a full list of all the goodies in each tier, check out the image below. And to learn more about EQN Landmark, read up on our our hands-on experience.

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