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Amazon launches PSN storefront


Amazon US launched a dedicated PlayStation Network store on its website today, meaning customers can purchase download codes for PS4, PS3, and Vita games and DLC via the online retailer. Amazon has sold download codes for platforms like PC and Mac for a while now, but Sony is the first console manufacturer to join the retailer's digital party with its own dedicated storefront, making a fashionably late but certainly well-timed entrance. According to Amazon, there are over 100 pieces of downloadable PlayStation content available via its storefront at launch.

Amazon and Sony are marking the launch by chucking in $5 PSN credit (redeemable at Amazon of course) with selected purchases, including full games and season passes for Assassin's Creed 4, Batman: Arkham Origins, The Last of Us, and Battlefield 4.

Also, starting today at 9AM PT and ending tomorrow at the same time, you can get the $5 PSN credit with any PS4 game purchase. Then there's the Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer going on PS4 launch games to consider too. In other words, Amazon is very, very keen to be a part of your PS4 launch party this week.

The PSN storefront is restricted to Amazon's US branch for now.

Show full PR text and PlayStation are excited to announce that you can now visit to purchase your favorite PlayStation Network Content like Battlefield 4, Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and more. and Sony are teaming up to offer over 100 PlayStation 3 games, PlayStation 4 games, and downloadable content (DLC) for purchase on In addition to already released titles, you'll also be able to purchase the newest games and DLC the first day they are available for purchase using your Amazon payment credentials or Amazon Gift Cards. To browse this new selection, visit The PSN Store on you can also visit .

We're not the only ones excited, here's what Eric Monacelli, Marketing Manager at Naughty Dog had to say:
I buy everything on Amazon... holiday gifts, birthday presents, books, clothes, tech, even toothpaste and often deodorant. So when I learned Jak, Daxter, Drake, Joel, and Ellie --- all our incredible characters and their stories via our games and DLC would be available as PlayStation Store digital downloads on Amazon it just felt right.
You have to respect and think that any company with their own Easter egg is a perfect fit for all things Naughty Dog and PlayStation. If you're not aware of what that means just visit You'll love what you find.
So, as a consumer and fan of video games being accessible in as many ways as possible...Thank you Sony PlayStation and Thank you Amazon. The next generation is going to be relentless and awesome.
In celebration of the launch, we're pleased to offer a $5 credit good towards more PSN digital content sold on to anyone who purchases the digital version of games like The Last of Us, Batman Arkham Origins, Madden NFL 25 and more. Just hop on over to this page, purchase the game of your choice, and your credit will be automatically applied to your account. We're excited to offer you a new place to discover and purchase PlayStation Network Content, and we welcome any feedback you have.

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