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BlackBerry Z30 hits Verizon on November 14th for $200 on-contract


We knew the BlackBerry Z30 was headed to Verizon as a US-exclusive, but now we actually have a date for it: November 14th. Starting this Thursday, BlackBerry's 5-inch flagship will be made available to Big Red subscribers for $200 with a new two-year agreement, or for $23/month (for 24 months) on the operator's Edge upgrade plan. Regardless of the financing route you choose to take, that chunk of change will grant you access to BlackBerry's latest 10.2 update and all the "prosumer" perks it affords: in-app BBM messaging, notification previews, and the new BB Priority Hub. But with BlackBerry on the ever-increasing downturn, you'd be forgiven for passing this one up -- wireless charging, be damned.

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