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Revolv ships the one home automation hub to rule them all


One of the big issues facing home-automation buffs has just been eliminated. Up to this point, you could buy bits and pieces of systems from a number of different vendors, but all of them had their own hub to connect the device to the internet or a separate app to control the device remotely. Revolv's Smart Home Solution (US$299) unifies many of the existing solutions by containing seven different wireless radios to connect Sonos HiFi wireless speakers, Philips Hue lighting, Yale automated locks, Insteon home control devices, Belkin WeMo switches and motion detectors and "popular automated thermostats" including the Nest.

As Revolv notes in their press release today, consumers can now mix and match wireless home automation appliances and use just one hub and one app. The solution automates routines around time, proximity to your home (based on GPS readings), sensor triggers and commands set by each user. The company's GeoSense technology will activate or deactivate certain devices when a user gets to within a pre-set geo-radius of the home.

By supporting the Z-Wave, Insteon and WiFi standards today and with an open design allowing new systems to be added soon, it's expected that the number of devices controllable through Revolv will be "in the hundreds" within a year. The Revolv Smart Home Solution is available either from Revolv or, and the free app is available at the App Store.

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