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War Thunder supports keyboard, mouse, flight sticks on PS4


The free-to-play PlayStation 4 aerial combat game War Thunder will support a variety of PC peripherals and alternate input options when it premieres later this month, developer Gaijin Entertainment told Kotaku.

Gaijin president Anton Yudintsev notes that players will be able to use a traditional keyboard-and-mouse setup during gameplay. War Thunder also includes support for PC flight sticks, and player head-tracking is an option via the PlayStation Camera peripheral.

While the PlayStation 3 allowed developers to take advantage of alternate input devices, very few games included native support for a keyboard-and-mouse setup. Epic's Unreal Tournament 3 was one of the first PS3 games to allow users to play with a keyboard and mouse, and the recent Dust 514 supported a variety of input devices.

War Thunder will launch worldwide on November 29.

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