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Adventurous sizing puzzler Scale tips past funding goal


Imagine Portal, but in a whimsical dreamscape, and with a gun that can make anything larger or smaller at will. You're getting closer to imagining CubeHeart's Scale, a game that will transcend imagination and enter reality after achieving its $87,000 Kickstarter goal this week, with just days to go. That means the ambitious-looking first-person puzzler is on its way to PC, Mac, Linux, and Steam Machines.

Scale is based around a prison break, admittedly a very bizarre-sounding prison break. The game's heroine is Penny Prince, the inventor of a powerful resizing device who accidentally uses it to destroy the entire east coast. She's convicted on more than 9 million counts of "Depraved Heart Murder," but manages to construct a makeshift version of her invention and use it to escape. The game seemingly follows her exploits as she searches for freedom - and her confiscated cat.

There's still time for CubeHeart to hit some stretch goals, with the $100,000 target for Oculus Rift support looking eminently realistic. At the other end of the Scale, the $200,000 goal for a PS4 version looks out of reach.

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