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Breakfast Topic: Do you spend more WoW-related time outside the game than in it?


BlizzCon is packed with people who don't play that much . No, I'm not referring to the players of Diablo, StarCraft, Hearthstone or other Blizzard titles -- I'm talking about people who primarily identify themselves as World of Warcraft players. For many of them, the WoW experience is all about community. They pour heart and soul into running a guild, writing a blog, recording a podcast, or creating WoW-themed crafts. They're familiar faces on Twitter, on the BlizzCon party circuit, at meetups across the country. For these players, WoW is more about what they do outside Azeroth than what happens in it.

Do you spend more WoW time in activities outside the game than you do actually playing the game? What's your real-world WoW thing: guild administration, the WoW community, a blog or podcast, some creative endeavor inspired by World of Warcraft ...? Tell us about your WoW-flavored life!

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