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Neverwinter's new paragon paths detailed [Updated]


Neverwinter's upcoming Shadowmantle module will finally be giving players a second option with their paragon paths. A new dev diary from the folks at Cryptic gives an overview of these new paths along with details regarding the skills involved.

Devoted Clerics will get a buff-centric path, Trickster Rogues will be flinging knives more, Control Wizards will go all pyro on their enemies, and Guardian Fighters and Great Weapon Fighters will be swapping each other's paragon path for a different playstyle.

Don't just take our word for it: Check out the Shadowmantle paragon paths preview video after the jump for a visual inspection of these lines.

[Update: We had to take down the video at Cryptic's request; we'll get it back up as soon as the new one is out!]

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