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Plan ahead: Install PS4 firmware v1.5 to a USB stick right now


If you're getting a PS4 this Friday, here's a handy tip: Copy the necessary version 1.5 firmware update onto a USB stick and install it on your console that way. It's probably not the best idea to try and access Sony's servers while swarms of other people are trying to do the same thing on launch day.

Simply head over to this PlayStation page and download the firmware. Then go into your USB stick and create a "PS4" folder and an "UPDATE" folder inside of that. Now it's simply a matter of copying the 308MB in files over to your USB stick and you're good to go.

Speaking of launch, today our PS4 review went live, as did reviews on some of the more high-profile launch games like Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, Resogun and Contrast. We'll continue to roll out coverage on the launch of the PS4, so keep an eye on this link for new content as it's made available.

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