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SMITE video shows off revised He Bo, God of the Yellow River

MJ Guthrie

Although not implying that the old He Bo was washed up, SMITE treated the God of the Yellow River to a makeover. A mage who uses water to drown and destroy his enemies, He Bo's new visage better fits his mythology. His skills include the passive Steady Flow (a buff that increases his magical power), and three active attacks: Water Cannon, Water Spout, and Atlas of the Yellow River (previously known as Flood Waters). He Bo's ultimate attack is Crushing Wave.

Besides the revised god, today's update includes other changes as well, including a semi-transparent mini-map that players can control the opacity of, a new view mode that allows players to follow the action of their teammates even after death, and improvements to the league and god screens as well as the match lobby. For more on this update, check out the official notes. And to hear the lore behind the god He Bo and see a demonstration of his skills, watch the video below.

[Source: Hi-Rez press release]

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