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Spaghetti western Secret Ponchos is latest to join PS4's Plus party [update]


Secret Ponchos is confirmed for PlayStation Plus on PS4, meaning it'll be free to subscribers of the service when the game launches in April. The spaghetti western-inspired debut from Switchblade Monkeys joins Don't Starve, The Binding of Isaac, and the now delayed Driveclub as some of the PS4 games coming to the service beyond this week's launch.

As Creative Director Yousuf Mapara told Polygon, Secret Ponchos was initially built in Unity, but now uses Sony's PhyreEngine.. Other games running on PhyreEngine include thatgamecompany's PS3 library, Knytt Underground, Gravity Rush, and Demon's and Dark Souls - not a bad list of references, really.

Update: Initial wording in this post may have been interpreted as Sony requesting Secret Ponchos be built in PhyreEngine. Mapara told Joystiq Sony's been "totally supportive" over whatever engine was used. We've adjusted the post accordingly.

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