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Another white Xbox One being auctioned for charity, this time in the US


Microsoft is auctioning a white Xbox One in the US, and the bidding at the time of writing is at a whopping $11,100. As Major Nelson revealed, the proceeds are going to the Wounded Warrior Project, which supports men and women injured in service of their country. The bidding ends on November 18, at 5.42PM PT (8.42PM ET).

Microsoft will hope its auction isn't plagued by the suspicious bidding UK charity GamesAid had to endure earlier this month. That auction, also for a white Xbox One, had to be pulled after a flurry of astronomic bids, leading to GamesAid selling the console at a set price of £5000 (around $8,000.) This time around, Microsoft is using auction management service Kompolt to pre-qualify any bids over $3,000.

The white edition Xbox One is normally reserved for Microsoft IEB employees, so you won't find it at retail stores when the console launches next week on November 22. If you have money to burn and a generous heart (and really like the color white), you may like to know the winning bidder also gets a one year Xbox Live Gold subscription, and copies of Forza 5, Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, and Crimson Dragon.

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