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Apple to pay quarterly dividend today for AAPL shareholders


AAPL investors take note: Today is the company's payday for AAPL shareholders. By the close of market today, Apple will pay shareholders of record its quarterly dividend of US$3.05 per share. Shareholders must have held the stock no later than Wednesday, November 11 to get this quarter's dividend.

As AppleInsider notes, at AAPL's current price of around $520 a share, the company is paying a dividend yield of 2.35 percent, which is not at all bad for its investors. What's especially interesting is that since Apple upped its share buyback program by $50 billion earlier this year, the company will actually be paying out $143 million less in dividends this quarter due to fewer shares of AAPL on the market.

That buyback isn't enough for some people however, as Carl Icahn is pushing Apple to buy back shares worth $150 billion.

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