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Joystiq Live Review: The Playroom on PS4 [Update: Watch the replay!]


We're rolling out PlayStation 4 review coverage all the way through the launch on Nov. 15. Check out more reviews and news here!

Update: The live stream is over, but you can watch the replay right here.

The PlayStation 4 is only a day away in North America, and it's bringing with it some pretty cool innovations like built-in live streaming. To that end, we've decided to do some innovating ourselves: We're going to review a PS4 game ... live. Specifically, we'll be reviewing the built-in PlayStation Camera game, The Playroom.

Join us here at 2 p.m. Eastern to see the review. If you want to participate in the live broadcast, we'll be answering your Playroom and PS4 questions on Joystiq's Twitch channel.

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