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Mint for iOS gets all-new look; adds trends, transaction editing


Intuit has just dropped a totally redesigned app in the App Store. The UI has been reimagined from top to bottom, starting with the app's icon, which now clearly shows how much Intuit wants to make sure you know they own Mint. Truthfully, the icon is a step back. The small leaf jars with the rest of the space in the icon, of which most is dedicated to a large Intuit ad.

But inside the app, you'll find a beautiful new, flat design that fits in perfectly with the overall look and feel of iOS 7. Most importantly, however, is that Intuit has now added the much-requested Trends feature from its web app into the iPhone app. Now with Trends for iPhone, users can view Spending By Category, Spending Over Time and Net Income Charts.

The latest version of Mint also adds the ability to edit pending transactions -- another long-requested feature. Personal Finance is a universal app and a free download.

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