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Twitter will use a ton of your mobile device info for targeted ads, hooray!


We all love ads (no we don't) and if there's one thing we love even more than random ads (which we don't love), it's ads that are very clearly targeted at our mobile devices because a social network (which we trusted) is using our device info against us (which is pretty lame), right? In a blog post, Twitter revealed today that it will now let advertisers target mobile ads based on the device you use, the OS and even the method you use to connect to the network.

This type of advertising can be beneficial for Twitter users in that we probably won't be bombarded with, say, an advertisement for an app that is only available on a Windows Phone. But it could also lead to a company like Samsung buying a whole bunch of Twitter ads and pushing them only at users with the iPhone 5s. And given that Apple's mobile competitors have been launching Twitter campaigns directed at Apple events and product launches, this isn't exactly a stretch to imagine.

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