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Atlus births mysterious ultrasound teaser site


In lieu of directly telling people what it's working on, Atlus has decided to launch an odd teaser site for its next project, one that features an ultrasound image and little else.

The site was discovered yesterday, when Atlus issued a press release centering on its upcoming fighter AquaPazza. The press release seemed a typical info blast focused on that game's costumes, but an unexpected link was found below the usual press release text. That link leads to this website, which as you can see is some manner of Atlus-branded ultrasound.

What all this means remains a mystery. Siliconera posits the idea that the text seen on the left side of the image contains references to a number of Atlus-developed and -published games, though that site admits its ideas are pure conjecture. Realistically, we won't know what this site is advertising until Atlus opts to fill in the blanks.

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