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    Daily iPhone App: Voyzee lets you tell your story using photos, videos and personal narration (Updated)


    Voyzee is one of many video apps that use the contents of your photo roll to create a photo and video montage. What sets Voyzee apart is the ability to add a personalized narration to your clip. Using the Voyzee app, you can tell a story using both pictures and spoken words.

    When you first launch Voyzee, you must create an account to save and store your videos. You can use your Twitter or Facebook login or create one using your email. Once you log in, you can start creating your Voyzee video. The app allows you to take new photos or videos or import media from your camera roll. If you want a soundtrack, you can grab music from your iTunes library.

    Once imported into Voyzee, you can edit the visual media (trim, rotate, add filters) as well as add a caption or a narration to each slide. You can also select a cover slide and rearrange the slides to put them in the order you desire. The killer feature is the ability to add a narration to each slide, which makes the movie you are creating much more personal as well as informative.

    When you are done, you can publish the clip, which will upload it to Voyzee's servers for processing. When it is done uploading, you can view the clip, and if you don't like your video, you can make changes to it at any time. You also can set the privacy of the clip, allowing you to control who can see it.

    Once the video is uploaded, you can share it on your social networks, share it via email/messaging or save it to your camera roll. The video is shared as link, which will open in any web browser. The final clip is well done with a few nice touches like automatic fade transitions and blurred background images that'll fill a slide that has a smaller photo.

    Voyzee does have its own video network so you should make sure you set the privacy accordingly, especially if you don't want the world seeing your videos. The default setting is to share with everyone, and the video will be searchable on the Voyzee website. Unfortunately, the privacy settings are not as flexible as I would like. You can share the video with everyone, select followers on Voyzee or just yourself. If you select the middle option, you can't share the video easily with other people as they have to follow you on Voyzee. If you set the video to private, the recipients won't be able to see the clip at all. It would be nice to have an option that would keep the video private from the Voyzee community, while still allowing you share it with people who have the direct link.

    if you want to use Voyzee, just be aware that the video network is more public than private. You can download Voyzee for free from the iOS App Store.

    Update: Voyzee updated its app in November 2013 and improved the privacy options in version 2.1.10. This version lets users keep a story private from the Voyzee community and still share it with people or other networks with a direct link that bypasses the Voyzee community privacy settings.

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