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Massive Mabinogi update introduces Merlin's magic

MJ Guthrie

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The magic of Merlin joined the world of Mabinogi yesterday in a large update that also included new character cards, a Hero Support System, a dressing room update, and in-game events. With the new Merlin content, players can now wield that magical power by utilizing the new Druid talent and accessing new advanced skills. The Hero Support System allows players to make progress on multiple characters simultaneously. The in-game beauty shop experienced some remodeling, adding a new UI and the ability to track and preview gear across all characters on the account.

In conjunction with the dressing room update, Mabinogi is having a Fashion Bingonogi event, where players can spin the roulette wheel in hopes of snagging some new gear, including the Snowflake and Ranger outfits. Additionally, players who log in anytime during November 16th will automatically receive a non-tradable Shyllien Mana Knuckles magic weapon courtesy of the Magic Weapon Giveaway event.

[Source: Nexon press release]

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