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Peria Chronicles is a Korean sandbox thing with player-created quests

Jef Reahard

Nexon is experimenting with a new Korean sandbox called Peria Chronicles. Steparu has a preview and a translated article with some particulars, among them an interesting user-generated content system that Nexon says alleviates the "need to farm and grind monsters alone to progress."

"If someone create[s] a quest, like 'save the princess,' we will patch it in the game," Nexon explains. "A random adventurer can then accept that user-created quest and earn gold from it. If they fail to complete the quest, the person that created the quest will earn gold from the user that purchased the quest."

The company has also thought of possible griefing scenarios. "Destroying user-created content is not easy compared to creating it. For example, if a player created a bridge, the players working in that area must vote for it to be taken down." If you're curious about combat gameplay, we've embedded a clip after the cut.

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