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Play DC Universe Online on your new PlayStation 4 now

MJ Guthrie

If you've already gotten your mitts on a just-released PlayStation 4, you can wriggle into your virtual tights and dive right into DC Universe Online's crime-fighting action. (Or if you prefer, you can cause the crimes as a villain instead, we won't judge!) And you don't have to worry about leaving those friends who don't yet have a PS4 behind, as DCUO features cross-platform play between the newest console and the PlayStation 3. Owners of both consoles can play the game on either one, but the PS4 also features remote play on the Vita.

Perhaps you're the proud owner of a PS4 but have never played DCUO before -- no problem! You can hop in and join the caped crusades for free. Check out the enhanced graphics in both the six new screenshots in the gallery and the launch trailer below.

[Source: SOE press release]

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DC Universe Online PS4 Launch Trailer

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