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PSA: Battlefield 4 Commander app now free on iTunes


Controlling the flow of combat in Battlefield 4 just became a bit more convenient thanks to the launch of the iOS Tablet Commander app.

While the app won't be of much help in a straight up firefight, it does allow players to take control of the game's Commander mode from the comfort of the nearest iPad. Using touchscreen controls, the app allows would-be generals to scout the entire map at once, direct teammates on where to go, and call in airstrikes, either from Cruise missiles or nearby attack helicopters.

Since the app fundamentally changes the way Battlefield 4 is played, virtual commanders will not find themselves ranked as usual at the end of a match. Instead, they'll be competing directly with the other team's commander. If there is no commander on the other team, just pat yourself on the back every time you ruin someone's day with a few hundred pounds of precision-guided explosives.

The Battlefield 4 Tablet Commander app can now be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store. Developer DICE claims that an Android version of the app will be available soon.

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