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Breakfast Topic: If you worked for Blizzard, what would your forum icon be?

I'm going to have to steal today's Breakfast Topic conversation starter directly from Convert to Raid's Pat Krane on Twitter.

As soon as Pat posted that, my Twitter stream utterly exploded and I ran screaming, all the while hurriedly scribbling the question on my notepad for a Breakfast Topic. Good one, Pat. (Although I reserve the right to get you back another time for blowing up my Twitter feed like that. Ahem.)

So yeah, animated icons. My official Blizzard employee icon would clearly be a scritching, scratching quill, reminiscent of the Enchanted Broom. And so yeah again, that's not in the game; I'd take the Enchanted Broom if necessary. Because editing.

If you worked for Blizzard, what would your animated forum icon be?

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