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Towerfall: Ascension coming to PC, online play not planned for launch


Towerfall: Ascension was announced for the PlayStation 4 during Spike's event for the console's launch, but we weren't sure if that was the same version as the one that was planned for PC earlier this year. Now that Matt Thorson, the sole designer of Towerfall, posted the above trailer on his YouTube channel this week, that seems to be the case. While it's mostly identical to the one shown just before the PS4's launch, the intro and outro graphics note both the PS4 and PC as planned platforms instead of just the PS4.

Ascension's revealing trailer notes a co-op quest mode, new powerups and 50 new multiplayer maps. Although the game's focus lies in multiplayer, Thorson responded to a fan on Twitter to clarify that there "won't be any online at launch, sorry. It's really meant to be played together with friends."

The vanilla version of Towerfall was launched as an Ouya exclusive back in July.

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