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Naughty Dog replica craftsman crowdfunds support in fight against stage two pancreatic cancer

S. Prell, @SamPrell

David Vigil is a leathersmith and owner of That Vigilante, where he sells replicas of gear seen in Naughty Dog games. Nathan Drake's belt buckle, holster and wristband from the Uncharted series are all available, as is Joel's backpack from The Last of Us. Vigil is also asking for the community's financial help on GoFundMe as he battles stage two pancreatic cancer.

The fundraising campaign's deadline is November 18, with a goal of $47,000. At the time of writing, the amount raised is just shy of $9,500. This is the second time Vigil has faced cancer, and the second time he has turned to crowdfunding for help. Last year, he raised $26,464 on Indiegogo.

Vigil is offering up his work as reward incentives as well; for $500, backers will receive one of every product available on That Vigilante. Should funding fail to reach the full $47,000 goal, Vigil will still get to keep whatever funds have been raised.

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