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Dragon's Dogma Quest jumps to Japanese Vitas next month


Following its iOS debut earlier this year, Capcom has revealed that Dragon's Dogma Quest will finally be available to Japanese Vita owners on December 19.

Though the free-to-play spin-off was initially revealed for the Vita, that version has been a long time coming. We first reported on the free to play roleplaying game in June, at which time it was scheduled for a Fall release. For unknown reasons, Capcom decided to launch the previously unrevealed iOS iteration of the game first, during this past summer. Until now we had no word on the status of the Japanese Vita version.

Fans of the original Dragon's Dogma will find a very different experience in Dragon's Dogma Quest. Instead of an open, 3D world, the free-to-play Quest is a 2D, online-only, traditional roleplaying game that asks players to command squads of eight Pawns. According to Siliconera, these Pawns can have up to 150 different character classes, and the strategic part of combat in Quest hinges on finding the best combination of classes to beat any given challenge.

There is still no word on when or if Dragon's Dogma Quest will be released outside of Japan.

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