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Eve Online: Rubicon launch-day roundup

MJ Guthrie

With the launch of Rubicon today, New Eden's space will start getting just a little more crowded as EVE Online pilots start deploying personal structures in their quest for wealth and power. There's little doubt that said space will also be littered with plenty of blasted ship debris, perhaps even from the hulls of the new and shiny white Sister of Eden ships.

If you can't get strapped into your virtual cockpit because you're stuck behind a desk (or some other meatspace employment cage), you can still prepare yourself for your next trip into space with these in-depth features, ship highlights, and videos below while listening to this newly released Rubicon track. Just think of it as a preflight check.

EVE Evolved: Getting ready for Rubicon
EVE Online's Rubicon expansion goes live in just two days on Tuesday, November 19th, introducing four brand-new personal deployable structures and revamping PvP across the board with a seemingly innocuous warp acceleration fix.
EVE dev blog covers Rubicon ship rebalancing
EVE Online's 20th expansion, Rubicon, goes live on November 19th. Rubicon brings many changes to EVE including mobile structures, new faction ships, controllable customs offices, and a completely overhauled warping system.
Grab popcorn and watch the EVE Online: Rubicon trailer
"THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES."With this line, the EVE Online: Rubicon trailer drops its mike and leaves the YouTube, perhaps to grab a snack in the green room.
EVE Evolved: Everything we know about Rubicon
Back in April, EVE Online Senior Producer Andie Nordgren delivered an incredible long-term vision for the game's future that included deep space colonisation, player-built stargates, and players controlling practically everything that's currently run by NPC empires.
EVE Evolved: Ghost Sites and PvE goals
PvE in most MMOs revolves around killing hordes of NPCs for currency, XP, tokens, or loot, and EVE Online is no exception. Players can hunt for rare pirate ships in nullsec asteroid belts, farm Sansha incursions for ISK and loyalty points, or team up against Sleeper ships in dangerous wormhole space, but most prefer the safe and steady income of mission-running.
New EVE dev video shows off Rubicon features
For virtual pilots looking forward to Rubicon, the EVE Online expansion -- with its new ships, deployable structures, certification revamp, and more -- can't get here soon enough.
EVE Online unveils the Sisters of EVE ships
New ships in EVE Online are kind of a big deal. A new ship isn't just a set of equipment slots, it can represent a whole different way of playing the game.
EVE Evolved: The Siphon Unit in Rubicon
EVE Online will soon let players steal valuable resources from each other, and not everyone is happy with it. The upcoming Rubicon expansion will add a new Siphon Unit structure that can literally siphon off materials from a starbase's moon harvesters and simple reactors.
EVE Evolved: Deployables in Rubicon
Last week I looked at EVE Online's upcoming Rubicon expansion, which aims to kick off CCP's long-term vision of deep space exploration with a series of new deployable structures.
Player-owned customs offices coming to empire space in EVE Online
Customs offices are pretty important in EVE Online. They're a link between planetside goods and the ships plying the spaceways, allowing for far more efficient transfers than shooting goods up and down while hoping for results.

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