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Shipping estimates for iPhone 5s improve to 3 to 5 days


Good news for everyone still waiting to get their hands on an iPhone 5s. Shipping estimates for the flagship iPhone have now improved to three to five days on most Apple online stores around the globe. That's down from a one- to two-week shipping estimate just last week, and a far cry from the three-week estimate that the 5s saw just after launch.

The new estimate also includes all models of iPhone 5s, including gold. The increased availability of the iPhone 5s can be due to many factors including Apple catching up with demand and ramping up production at the same time. It's also possible Apple has moved some production away from the iPhone 5c, which reportedly isn't selling as well as Apple thought it would, and using those production facilities to produce more 5s handsets, which are selling better than Apple thought they would.

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