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Musk stands behind Tesla Model S safety, modifies warranty to cover fire damage


Tesla's growing at home and abroad, as customer demand continues for it's Model S sedan -- even while the EV's gotten some negative publicity due to a few cars catching fire after being wrecked. So, to ensure that there is no "false perception about the safety of electric cars," Elon Musk has requested that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigate these fires. This is the same governmental testing body that performs crash tests on all cars driven on US roads, that previously found that the Model S is the safest car it's ever evaluated. Should anything turn up from the NHTSA looking into the recent fires, Tesla will, quite naturally, make the necessary fix to new models and retrofit the old ones for free. Furthermore, the company's also updated its warranty to cover Model S fire damage, even if it's the driver's fault. The one limitation on that very generous offer? You can't be actively trying to destroy the car. Makes sense to us.

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