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The Queue: Krypto

Matthew Rossi

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft.Matthew Rossi has something in his eye right now.

Man, if you don't love Krypto, I don't even understand you. He's Krypto. He is an awesome superdog who loves Superman and goes on adventures with him and he is awesome and even when he was trapped in the Phantom Zone he would come and sleep on Superman's lap because he loves him so much and oh my god I'm gonna cry again.

Anyway, Queue. Questions. None of them are going to be about Krypto, so I may actually stop sobbing at some point.

M.L. asks:
With raids larger than 10 man becoming more common in WoD, do you expect a trend towards class diversification?

Honestly, one of the reasons for making the Mythic raid size a 20 man was so encounters can be designed around specific class abilities because it's more fair to assume a 20 man has one of those classes than a 10 man. With there being 11 classes and 34 total spects, the bigger the raid size, the more likely an odd or varied raid comp. So to answer your question, I think it's the other way around - a need to accommodate class diversification is one of the reason for larger than 10 man raid sized going forward. It may still increase with the changes, of course.

He's licking Superman's face because he is a good boy. Such a good boy Krypto is. Man, I cried so hard in Whatever happened to the Man of Tomorrow? when Krypto died.

michaelm517 asks:
How will the item squish affect lower levels? If we are being squished to around 30k for Mists, then what can we expect at level 60, considering the end game, raid geared tanks had about 7k. We are talking a rough 10:1 ratio for conversions, much less actually, considering I see most ToT geared players at 450-500k. Does this mean around 700 hp for level 60 tanks? Even scarier, what does this mean for level 1 players? 10 hp? Just speculation.

As it was explained at BlizzCon, they're basically going back to the start of the level 60 raid tier and squishing those items closer together, then squishing each expansion to match, with most of the squish taking place in the currently inflated raid tiers. So, as an example, the Wrath of the Lich King raids with their heroic modes will see a lot of compression, with gear no longer expanding in stats so greatly from, say, Naxx to ICC. This will have been done at every raid level, so every expansion that follows will see stats downsized to match - so a level 61 doing quests in Hellfire Peninsula will get quest gear that's similarly downsized to the vanilla raid tiers. So level 60 tanks will see the least effect from the squish, ultimately. Level 1 players won't be affected at all.

gamer4279 asks:
This has probably been answered somewhere but i havent really been paying attention to the toys aspect of the new storage tabs. Anyway, does the tab only include toys that you currently have when the feature goes live? Meaning if i deleted half of them today, would they still show up on the list because i had them at one point?

We don't know for sure, yet. They've said they'd like to let people get back stuff they deleted, but they don't know if they'll be able to do that.

PessByNature asks:
Given the Bronze's aversion to her and her "imporant future" the Naaru allude to, am I the only one hoping Dornaa is in WoD? Or more TFH, do we know her full name isn't Dornaa Yrel? Teenager that talked to God is close to kid that talks with Naaru.

We don't know that. I would suspect it depends on whether or not Yrel is from our world, or is native to the Draenor we're visiting. Since she's a small child the last time we see her, it's unlikely she was an adult thirty or so years ago. But it's been long enough since we saw her, she could theoretically have aged to young adulthood (depending on how long that takes draenei, who seem functionally to live almost limitless lifespans) and started swinging a hammer for the Naaru and the draenei.

I suspect Yrel is native to the Draenor we're visiting, but until we actually get there, we won't know for sure, and it would be nice to see Dornaa again. What has she been up to?

opaque19 asks:
Could someone that uses twitter ask Ghostcrawler why hunters can tame just about every large animal in the game except bucks/stags. I think I would be afraid of an angry elk more than I would be a tortoise, goat or crane!

Did my wife put you up to this? Are you going to ask me why hunters can't take the big pythons on the Timeless Isle, too? I have no idea why they aren't tameable. It seems weird to me to imagine a herd animal as a hunter pet - what's next, an aurochs? Are clefthooves tameable? Really, I have no idea.

Justin Lee asks:
so with the new character models, do you think we will get new melee animations as well?

I think some of them will be reworked, but I suspect the vast majority will just be updated to the new wireframes. The dwarf model was holding a 2h weapon differently. I certainly hope some of the weird ones get updated.

Chris Mayhew asks:
What unlikely character from Warcraft lore do you think we'll see on Draenor? example: OMG is that Gruul?

Right now, I'm curious as to whether or not we'll see characters like Garona who only exist in our timeline because of events that won't have taken place on this Draenor. Also, I'm terribly hopeful that at some point the Iron Horde invades their Azeroth, the one that didn't get invaded by Gul'dan's fel Horde and has a different history as a result. What's going on with their Stormwind? Is their Medivh still possessed by Sargeras? I'm also hoping Kil'Jaeden and Archimonde make an appearance.

And that's the Queue for this week. I'm gonna go reread some Krypto stories now. I will likely be crying. Such a good dog.
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