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Tree of Savior preview sparks imagination with complex class combos


Take 80 classes -- some of which are hidden in the game world -- complex stats, and tons of skills, and then allow players to mix-and-match them. Chaotic? Genius? Tree of Savior might be both and then some. has translated a recent interview with IMCGames to pull some of the details about this Korean title. Tree of Savior has an interesting package that might be worth checking out above and beyond the intricate character development and its attractive visuals. The game will feature large maps, over 200 monster types, and automatic party formation and disbanding.

Tree of Savior is scheduled to start limited focus testing in February 2014 in South Korea as the developer continues its hunt for a publisher. If you haven't already, you can check out the official trailer to get a feel for what this title has to offer.

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