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Xbox One won't have Twitch gameplay streaming at launch


Gameplay streaming won't be enabled for the Xbox One Twitch app when the console launches later this week. and Microsoft said its goal is to include the feature "during the first part of 2014." It's a vague window that contrasts sharply against the launch-enabled streaming on PlayStation 4.

"We know that the ability to broadcast your Xbox One gameplay direct to Twitch is something you're all very excited about," Twitch said on its blog. "So are we! Microsoft is working hard to ensure that the Twitch broadcasting experience meets all of your expectations, and we're looking forward to sharing more details with you all in the future."

The Twitch app itself will be available when the Xbox One launches across 13 markets on Friday, November 22, but only to Gold subscribers. At launch you can watch Twitch's complete catalog, and use Snap to play games and view Twitch content at the same time.

It also features 10 achievements for those who really love to Twitch, including one for watching 100 hours of live Twitch video, and another for tuning in to live video for at least one minute in every hour of a complete day. We'd say you'd need to be pretty dedicated to grab that second one, but surely you just need to be prepared to binge game and Snap - or leave the Xbox One on. Maybe we're missing the point here.

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