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Blizzard to launch Diablo III's Reaper of Souls closed beta before the end of the year


Blizzard Entertainment's friends and family beta of Diablo III's Reaper of Souls expansion is officially underway with invites going out to, well, friends and family of Blizzard employees. However, Blizzard is extending the beta pool by about 3,000 players; this time around the company plans to send invites to a few "valued media contacts and key members of the Blizzard community" in addition to the normal employee keys.

Invites are already going out, so keep an eye on your inbox if you feel as though you fit the description. If you don't, take solace in the fact that Blizzard has confirmed that closed beta proper will launch before year's end and that while invites will be limited, they will be sent to a wider range of Diablo players. The beta will include all expansion content minus the final boss.

None of the betas appears to be protected by NDA, meaning streams, videos, screenshots, and spoilers will soon be available across the web.

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